Tea infused Chocolate

Tea infused Chocolate

Creating the world's best tea chocolate required not only the best tea, but also the best chocolate. Collaborating with Master Chocolatier Kevin Kugel and the esteemed chocolate manufacturer, Original Beans, known for their dedication to sustainability and pure cacao flavor, we proudly present a subtly sophisticated line of tea infused chocolates. Every bite simply irresistible. 

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Savoring every moment and making a positive impact nevertheless? Yes, it's possible! The chocolate pioneers from Original Beans stand for sustainability and regenerative agriculture - and you can taste it. Their award-winning chocolates are appreciated by top chefs worldwide and are a (climate) positive proof that together we can regenerate what we consume.
How do you subtly integrate tea into chocolate without disturbing the delicate balance of flavours? In our studio, we came up with the idea of using the fat in the chocolate itself as a flavour carrier - and so cocoa butter tea was born. In master chocolatier Kevin Kugel, we found a partner who implemented this fantastically by carefully experimenting with the different types of tea.

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