Winter's Light N°714WINTER'S LIGHT N°714

Black Tea

Winter's Light N°714

A winter blend combines cocoa-sweet black teas from Kenya and India

Winter Punch N°827WINTER PUNCH N°827


Winter Punch N°827

A caffeine-free, spicy fruit tea with cinnamon and a dash of rum aroma

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Gabacha N°405GABACHA N°405

Oolong Tea

Gabacha N°405

A GABA amino acid rich oolong from China with a roasted flavor

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Silver Sindano N°106SILVER SINDANO N°106

White Tea

Silver Sindano N°106

A white tea of pure buds styled after the Chinese Silver Needle

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Maia's Pick N°316MAIA'S PICK N°316

Green Tea

Maia's Pick N°316

A dejak, big-leaved green tea with a distinctly Korean roasted flavor

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Moon Goddess N°408MOON GODDESS N°408


Moon Goddess N°408

A fragrant oolong with citrus and apricot notes of osmanthus petals

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Mount Olympus N°824MOUNT OLYMPUS N°824


Mount Olympus N°824

A herbal, warming Greek mountain tea to relax and feel comfortable

From €9

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